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The robot CNC model X-Robot has been designed to have a very short cycle time, so that it can be utilized in the packaging sector and in other cases where the time of entry and exit from the mold must be as short as possible.

With a total cycle time of less than 3 seconds, it can in many cases replace a  side entry robot.

To obtain high axis speeds (up to 5 meters/sec), specific technical solutions have been adopted both for mechanical design and software development.

High speed, vibration control and large load capacity place this robot at the highest technological levels.

The CPU is equipped with a powerful programming mode (Free Guided Programming – FGP) which allows to easily program even very complex work cycles.

The main structure and the vertical telescopic axis is steel made in order to obtain a great structural rigidity.


  • Applicable on machines
  • from 100 to 350 tons;
  • Max payload: 6 Kg;
  • High power brushless servomotors
  • on all axes;
  • Telescopic vertical axis in steel;
  • Axis movements on rectified prismatic guides and recirculating ball bearings;
  • Planetary speed reducers;
  • Axis movements by high resistance toothed belts;
  • Possibility to perform movements with torque control;
  • Remotable programming keypad with large 10 “touch screen” color display;
  • Interpolation and overlap of the movements of all the axes;
  • Consecutive movements with radius connection;
  • Standard on the wrist: two analogue vacuum circuits, four pneumatic circuits, five digital inputs;
  • Checking of the presence of the piece by means of analogue vacuum switches which can be set directly from the programming keyboard or by photocells;
  • Timed output to operate a conveyor belt;
  • On the electrical box: five inputs and five freely programmable outputs to interface the robot with other automations downstream of the robot.


  • The Free Guided Programming (FGP) allows you to write the work program using “actions” already written, contained in a special library;
  • Automatic self-learning of axis positions;
  • Step-by-step and reduced-speed execution of the work program, to verify its accuracy;
  • Program storage on USB memory;
  • Numerous palletizing and de-palletizing patterns for the filling of pallets, boxes, etc;
  • Possibility of inserting various types of subroutines into the main program that are executed when appropriate conditions are met (for example, they are used to discard defective pieces, insert interlayer sheets, etc.);
  • Possibility to take the pieces from the fixed part of the mold.

ModelIMM (tons)Axes’ Stroke (mm)Max payload (Kg)Min. time standard cycle (sec)Repeatability (mm)Power supply (V)     
X Robot CNC100-350X= 2300÷3000 mm (transversal)63+/-0.1400V threephase
Y= 550 mm (longitudinal)
Z= 1350 mm (vertical/telescopic)

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