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The high performance linear robots of the STEEL series represent the culmination of over 30 years of activity by TecnoMatic in plastics moulding automation.

This series is the result of constant evolution both as regards the mechanical and electronic parts.

The high speed, vibration control and high load capacity place this series at the highest technological levels.

The CPU is equipped with a powerful programming mode (Free Guided Programming – FGP) that allows easily programming of even very complex work cycles.

They are also the most intuitive robots ever and are easy to use even by operators that are not particularly specialized. The load-bearing structure is made of steel in order to obtain great structural rigidity. The light alloy telescopic vertical axis allows high speeds and acceleration levels to be reached.

The components used are the best available on the market, produced by leading companies in the sector of reference.


  • High power brushless servomotors on all axes;
  • Telescopic vertical axis on all models;
  • Axis movements on adjusted prismatic guides and ball bearing slides;
  • Epicyclic speed reducers;
  • Axis movements via high-resistance toothed belts;
  • Possibility to perform movements with torque control;
  • Remotable programming keyboard with ample 10” touch screen colour display;
  • Interpolation and superposition of the movements of all axes;
  • Consecutive movements performed with connection radius;
  • Standard on the pulse: two analogue vacuum circuits, four pneumatic circuits, five digital inputs;
  • Control of the presence of the workpiece by means of analogue vacuum switches calibrated via the programming keyboard or photocells;
  • Timed output to drive a conveyor belt;
  • On the electrical board, five inputs and five outputs that are freely programmable to interface the robot with other automations placed downstream of the robot.


  • The Free Guided Programming (FGP) allows the work program to be created using actions which are already written, contained in a specific directory;
  • Automatic self-learning of the heights of the axes;
  • Step/step execution and at low speed of the created program, to verify accuracy;
  • Storage of programs on USB memory;
  • Numerous workpiece palletizing and depalletizing schemes, for the filling of pallets, boxes, etc…;
  • Possibility of including in the main program various types of sub-programs that are executed when there are appropriate conditions (they are used for example to reject defective pieces, insert interlayer cardboards, etc…);
  • Possibility of extracting pieces with undercuts;
  • Possibility of inserting metal parts into the mould and simultaneously remove the moulded piece;
  • Possibility of removing the piece from the fixed part of the mould.


  • Addition on the pulse of additional vacuum circuits;
  • Addition on the pulse of additional pneumatic circuits;
  • Addition on the pulse of additional inputs;
  • Addition in the electrical panel of additional inputs and outputs;
  • Installation of a second pneumatic rotation that can be set at 90° or 180°;
  • Possibility of installing on the pulse up to three servo rotations that are freely programmable 0-360°;
  • Possibility of installing a sprue cutting kit;
  • Possibility of installing a kit for the application of adhesive labels;
  • Customization of the axis strokes with respect to the standard ones;
  • Possibility of installing a telescopic vertical axis in 3 pieces on the models Extralarge CNC and Large CNC (in the models XXL CNC and MEGA CNC it is already standard);
  • Wireless remote control for assistance and monitoring.

MINI100-250Traverse: 21002 Pieces Standard5.01024
Demold: 600
Vertical: 1200
MEDIUM220-470Traverse: 25002 Pieces Standard6.01524
Demold: 850
Vertical: 1400
LARGE420-900Traverse: 30002 Pieces Standard7.01824
Demold: 9503 Pieces Option
Vertical: 1850
EXTRALARGE900-1300Traverse: 35002 Pieces Standard9.03524
Demold: 15003 Pieces Option
Vertical: 2100/2500
XXL1400-2500Traverse:43003 Pieces (Standard)12.06024
Demold: 2000
Vertical: 2800
MEGA2000-4000Traverse:50003 Pieces (Standard)14.09024
Demold: 2500
Vertical: 3600

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