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The MICRO CNC robot respond in a flexible and economic way to the most demands in the small injection moulding machines.

The Free Guided Programming (FGP) capability, that all TecnoMatic robots have, makes it possible to realise extremely flexible work cycles with no limitations to program complexity or length; all the various operations are very simple.


  • Brushless servomotors on the three axes;
  • Movements of the axes by precision prismatic runners and bearings mounted skates;
  • Epicyclical type reducer gears;
  • Interpolated axes motion;
  • Two vacuum circuits and two gripper circuits as standard;
  • Piece presence control by digital vacuum switches;
  • Timed output for enabling the conveyor belt;
  • External outputs and inputs freely programmable to interface the robot with other machine.


  • Mobile teach pendant with 7” touch screen colour display;
  • Self-teaching of the axes’ positions by manual movements;
  • Execution step-step of the program at reduced speed to verify its exactness;
  • Possibility of realizing work cycles made up of any sequence of movements;
  • Memorization of the work programs on USB key.

ModelIMM (tons)Std. Strokes (mm)Min. cycle time (sec)Max payload (Kg)Repeatability (mm)Power supply (V)     
Micro CNC20-120Traverse: 15005.03± 0.1220 AC 1 phase
Demoid: 420
Vertical: 900

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