The company was founded in 1987 and operates in the field of plastic moulding, designing and producing robots and automations. We continually develop our machines to provide our customers with increasingly powerful and reliable tools. Using simple and intuitive software we can simplify the management of robots, making them easy to use by anyone. The design is done with CAD programs and advanced development software.

We work daily to equip our robots with the best programming technologies and the best components available on the market.

Technical assistance and advice to our customers do the rest, creating a virtuous cycle that ensures that any unforeseen situation is quickly resolved.

tecnomatic robot azienda

Some of the main characteristics and features of our products:

Handheld keypad with LED display

Self-learning of work measurements

Program storage on USB drive

Brushless servomotors on all axes

Step-by-step execution of the programmed cycle

Vacuum circuits controlled by analogue vacuum switches


Extremely advanced machines to simplify and optimise plastics moulding. Different product lines to meet any need.